Tapping Your Inner Super Terrier


I know you’re out there. I’ve even had conversations with some of you. Strong, beautiful, courageous women. Doing amazing things in the world. Travelling to places I wouldn’t attempt to go. Maybe even climbing mountains and sky diving and…

Yet for some, the idea of showing up at WDT to dance freestyle in a group ranks right up there with being naked in the middle of a baseball diamond at a packed stadium.

I get it. Vulnerability is not fun. Doesn’t feel good. Messy.

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Also not fun. Doesn’t feel good. Messy.

So why would you ever invite or go so far as to embrace vulnerability when you can avoid it? Not go there at all.

Here’s what I think. Brene Brown is right. There is strength in vulnerability. Read more…

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