The Beat of My Drum

Be in this very first group of pioneering women over 40! I’m offering a totally new and unique six week series at the Mahone Bay Centre, starting on April 26th.

Spring is busting out all over! Time to stir it up with this combination of fitness class, drumming, and spontaneous and synchronized movement … to the beat of my drum! Have some fun while being active with other like-minded women.

Drums are provided. No experience is needed. Each session flows like a wave, ending in deep relaxation.

Beat of My Drum-A

Heart Rhythms for Women is April 16

How’s your heart doing these days?

Beautiful spring days. More daylight hours. Birds and wildlife coming alive. New growth beginning everywhere. Perhaps you can feel your own heart opening as well???

I am so pleased to be offering my Heart Rhythms workshop again this spring at The Healing Space. As those of you who attended the workshop last spring know, the studio is on an island in St. Margaret’s Bay overlooking the water. The energy there is ideal for exploring matters of the heart.

Watch this interview to find out how Heart Rhythms helped Therese:


Therese attended the first Heart Rhythms workshop on Todd’s Island in April, 2015. She found it so helpful, she went to the second workshop in Lantz in September, 2015. In this 9 minute interview, Therese talks about what she gained from the workshop, and what “exploring matters of the heart” means to her.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to register for this workshop, hearing what Therese has to say about it may help you determine whether or not this workshop is a good fit for you.

To watch the interview with Therese, click here, or on the picture.

For more information about the workshop, click here.

Heart Rhythms - HP-Apr'16A

Finding Even Better – Episode #3



EPISODE #3: Focused Curiosity

“I wonder what will happen today!”

Tune in to learn how taking on the qualities of the marmoset, a pygmy monkey, can help you discover more wonder and amazement in your life. Have you ever experienced the joy of spontaneously bursting into song?

Approaching life with an air of focused curiosity can lighten up situations that may otherwise cause discomfort. One more way to change your mind.

In this episode, Heather’s miniature schnauzer, Zola, helps out. Check it out!

Finding Even Better – Episode #2


EPISODE #2: A Dose of Inspiration

“Inspiration comes from within.”

What do you think about that? Are you inspired by others? Do you inspire others? How’s your own well of inspiration doing?

In this episode of Finding Even Better, I share my thoughts on inspiration, and offer a personal wellness tool to help you when you’re not feeling so inspired.

Watch Episode #2 to the end and enjoy a “Rising Up” drumming which I hope will tap into that part of you that may be seeking inspiration.

Then add your comments on Vimeo. I’d love to know what happens when you try out the personal wellness tool. Did you have some fun creating a jingle of your own? Who has inspired you to become your best self?